Bye Bye Summer

Hi again,

I'm sat inside with a thick knit jumper on looking out at the rain in August, thinking about how the summer has ended and autumn or fall is just around the corner.

I can't complain to much as I love the snugness or curling up under a blanket whilst it rains and howls outside knowing I don't have to leave the house, also wrapping up in a warm scarf, my boots and slipping on a costa hot chocolate.

At least this year we had a summer, I'm sure you've heard of the saying 'summer the best day of the year' for the UK. You may also be aware that the UK had a beautiful heat wave last month. I guess we are making up for last years and the lousy summer we had, I believe it was the wettest August In years.

I had some amazing times in the summer and will always remember them.



I think I am going to change my wardrobe around, drag out my boots and uggs  and dust off my coat, hat and gloves ready for what ever the weather.

I guess it is also time to get out the plum lipsticks, put away the bright nail polish and invest in some perfume as mine are light, fruity summer scents.

What are you looking forward to in autumn/fall?


Take Care,
Kels x

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