Book worm along with a catch up

Hello lovelies

Just realised I haven't wrote a blog post in a while - sorry about that.

So I've been pretty busy a I had an interview and there has been lots or celebrations and are going to continue into the first 2 weeks of September :)
So I spent my bank holiday relaxing with my boyfriend and friends, went to a mates gig, and saw 'We're the Millers' - that film was so funny and the scenes at the end before the credits were also funny. I would differently recommend it and I'm not the biggest Jennifer Aniston fan.

What did you do for the bank holiday?

Have you seen 'We're the Millers'?

A few years ago the books 'The hunger games' by Suzanne Collins were very much talked about and I too read all three very quickly and absolutely loved them and see why they were so hyped up and the along came the first movie last year and found it to be a brilliant representation although the books will always be better.

Also the front covers of the books were changed around the time the first of the films can out.

However after I finished 'The hunger games' trilogy I went in search of something else to read. I wanted to try another series along the same line to I checked out 'Maze runner' by James Dashner
Since then I have read the 2nd 'the scorch trials' and half way through the 'death cure'. Last year James Dashner released a prequel to explain how it all started called 'the kill order'.

Again I fell in love with this series and if you loved 'the hunger games' you will probably love these too.

If you have read these books please tell me what you think, I absolutely love reading and love it when people recommend books they've read!!

Take care,

Kels x

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