MUA blushes

Hi people,

I only own 3 MUA blushes and I think they are really well pigmented for the price which is only £1.00...yes you read right £1.00!!!!

There is not a huge range of colours unfortunately but hopefully they may bring out more soon :)
I only use the power blushes as I prefer them over cream blushes, however MUA provide a small selections of these for £2.00 each.

The first one is from the old packaging so it does not have a 'proper' name and is called shade 4. This is a lovely peach shade that I feel I can use all year round

Next we have 2 from the new packaging the first is Candyfloss. This is a pale pink colour that I really enjoy using during the summer and looks great with a tan.

Then there is Bubble Gum. Wow this is quite pink and a little bright compare to what I usually go for, I wore this not so long ago when it was a night date night. As I don't have a tan it gave me a rosy cheek look that was pink rather then red.

Along with the new packaging I'm sure that have changed the formula as they feel soft and are more finally grained.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please tell me what you would like to see more of, or if there is any changes you feel would make this blog better and more enjoyable to read.

Take care,

Kels x


  1. Great post! Thanks for taking time to do swatches on each one too <3
    I rewlly love MUA, their £1 lipsticks are amazing but I've never tried the blushes. Will have to pick some up x

  2. What a lovely comment thank you. I haven't tried the lipsticks but are have a go xx