My current skin care


I was thinking of what I could post about next with pretty much no money and I thought my skin care would be good as I haven't mentioned any skin care yet and I don't have to but anything - bonus

Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser

I like to use this every morning and evening. I find it to be moisturising on my oily skin which is great in this cold wet and windy weather and also because I have find more skin to be a little bit dry around my nose.

I smell a little like sun cram and if you have tried anything else from this range at Superdrug then you will ready be familiar with the smell.

This is a thick white cream that you massage all over your face, I have used this on my eyes and found it to be fine. After you soak the muslin cloth in hand hot water and puff it off.

It makes my skin feel clean and smooth and like I said really moisturised.
You get the muslin cloth with it and for 200ml it costs £4.99

There is 3 for 2 at superdrug at the moment

 St Ives Apricot Scrub

This is a lovely scrub that I use in gentle for sensitive skin, I find this doesn't create more oil on my skin and defiantly helps clear my skin and unclogs my pores.

It has a lovely consistency with plenty of beads that you can visibly see that are small so it really gives a gentle buff to get rid of the top layer of dead skin.

It has a pleasant smell that believe it or not smells of apricots and to me has a very clean smell.

This is a 150ml bottle and costs £4.29

It is better than half price at superdrug at the moment and only costs £2.14.

Neutrogena visibly clear 2-in-1 wash and mask

I never use this as a wash as I find it to be a little too thick for my liking. I have used to many of these I must be on my 7th bottle of this I've used it for years.

I find once I've had it on for a little while it becomes tingly and feels fresh and cool once I take it off. It will dry once left one and I just us a cloth and warm water to remove it, as it does make me face feel really clean and unclogged I do like to put a moisturiser on shortly after.

Again this has a clean smell to it. this costs £3.99

Superdrug have got save a third on this so at the moment it is £2.88

For some reason I couldn't get the pics to be a smaller size.

No7 foam cleanser and cleansing brush

To be honest I don't use the cleansing brush a lot as I have fallen in love with hot cloth cleansers. I use the foam cleanser more of when I'm in the bath or shower as I have to wash my face otherwise it feel weird that I'm clean everywhere but my face.

This foams up really nicely and I only need 2 pumps to cover my face completely. Due to my skin being oily I don't find it to dry my skin out but I may do it you have skin that's on the dryer side.

I does say it is for normal/oily skin types.

At boots the foam cleanser is £9.00 and is on there min and match 3 for 2. The cleansing brush is only £15.00 at the moment with a saving of  £9.95 brilliant bargain!! and finally to replace the heads they come in a pack of 2 for £8.00

Again I couldn't make to pictures smaller (grr)


What some great deals we have going on at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this post.

PS I'm going to do a separate post on moisturisers

Take care

Kelsey x