My top 3 used MAC lipsticks

Hello again,

I was rummaging around my lips draw and was looking for plums and reds getting into the autumnal trend. It was also to try and get me out of a rut with my make- up and not being so safe.

I was thinking the other day what I could blog about next when someone on twitter (sorry I can't remember) mentions doing a top 5 and how new bloggers can start of talking about the products they already have, nice and cheap!!

I don't known a lot of MAC lipsticks as they are so expensive - they are currently £15.00

The first one is Please me which is a matte shade, this I would describe is a nude pink but in no mans a pale nude pink. It is nicely pigmented and goes on nicely like all the lipsticks I guess.

I'm not a big fan of matte shade as I like some gloss but this is just a lovely everyday colour I just add a lip gloss of my choice to put on top.

The second one is Plumful which is a lustre, as you can tell this is a beautiful true plum shade just perfect of the season.

This colour has a lovely shimmer to it that has no glitter, I will look forward to be wearing this in the coming weeks.

Finally there is syrup this again is a lustre, I think I prefer these as there already come looking glossy on the lips. This I would say is again a nude but on more of the brownish pink shade.

I would say this is one of those 'my lip but better' shades for me and again is an everyday colour and more subtle then please me.

Take care

Kels x

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