Up close and personal

Hello Everyone,

I thought I wold do a little post about me so you could get to know me a little bit more :)

  1. I was born on New Years Day
  2. I am the only girl with 6 older brothers
  3. I love the colours pink, mint green and teal
  4. I am in my final year of university studying my Early Years Foundation Degree
  5. I hate hot spicy food and stay safe with my food I'm quite boring
  6. I have never broken a bone
  7. I suffer from anxiety
  8. I am one of those peoples that gets cold of the time
  9. I love evenings in watching films especially when its cold, dark and it's windy and raining
  10. I have tried for 6 years to wear contacts and I still can't put them in myself

So there you go, there some facts about little old me

Take care

Kelsey x


  1. I am the same with number 9!! I look forward to winter so I can have nights in and watch Elf! xx