Curly hair with no heat


I don't do a lot to my hair and I'm not a fan of using heat as I like to really take care of my hair especially as it's quite long. I find the Umberto giannini flirty curls scrunching jelly is perfect and doesn't leave your hair hard and crunchy.

 To start off with wash your hair in your choice of shampoo and conditioner, towel dry or hair but make sure it is still quite damp.

After run a large blob of the crunchy jelly through the mid-lengths of your hair, making sure you have covered all the hair.
After split you hair into 2 or 4 sections (as you can see I went for 4)
twist the hair until you can't anymore, then wrap it round into a bun and secure with a hair band...or2!!
Once you have done this will all the sections you will need to leave it to dry. I always do this at night and sleep with my hair like this - it is not very comfortable though haha
Once it has dried and been left wrapped up for some hours you can then take then out and run your hands though.

As you can see it went VERY curly it did drop a little as the day went on.
If you don't want the curls to be so tight, don't twist the hair and when you wrap it up do it as tight/loose as you like.
Like I said I don't do a lot to my hair I like to wear it natural all the time.
Take care
Kelsey x