MUA dupe of Apocolips for £2.00


A couple of weeks ago I went to Superdrug where they had 3 for 2 and one of the items brought was MUA intense kisses gloss in kiss and tell for an amazing £2.00!!

I think this colour is such a lovely bright pink raspberry shade, and gives a good pop of colour with basic eye make-up.

This gloss is very similar to the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in that it is very pigmented, glossy and in between a gloss and a lipstick. It also felt similar on the lips but only a fraction of the price at £2.00 and the Rimmel ones are £6.49 from Boots.

When I was testing this I found it did not stay on one I became to eat and drink which is a shame but at the price I can afford to reapply (just make sure you have a mirror at hand!)
Along with this I also saw at the end of the day it did leave a ring around my lips, a bit annoying but like I said if I reapplied after eating and drinking that should be avoided.

Apocolips also have a better colour selection but hopefully MUA will add more colours to their selection in the new year.

Overall this is not a bad product and at such a low price it's worth a go. If you have tried this or do in the future let me know what you think and what colours are worth trying.

Take care

Kels x


  1. ive had a read of some posts on your blog and i am following you, you have alot of brill skincare products:)

  2. Would a lovely comment to receive thank you so much. I've checked yours out and I really like it I can't wait to read more from you xx