NEW Bourjois matte primer

Hey everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I went to Superdrug where they had 3 for 2 and one of the items brought was Bourjois happy light matte serum primer for £10.99 for 15ml. I was really interested in this because I find a primer helps keep my make - up on and the only one I found that really works is the Body shops tea tree primer for 30ml and it costs £7.00. I also was drawn to this as it stated that it is a matte primer which is exactly what I need due to my oily skin.

The primer is a light peach colour and blends nicely into my skin, it absorbs nice and quickly too which I find to be great as I don't like hanging around.
I found it felt smooth when applied all over and when putting foundation over it did not make it look greasy, cakey or patchy.
It was differently successful in making my foundation look matte and reduced the amount of shine that would  usually be on show a few hours later.
For a drugstore primer I find this to b brilliant and will defiantly be continuing to use it, and I am grateful it is so easily available here in the UK.
If you are looking for a more dewy look Bourjois do a laminating primer also at £10.99 for 15ml
Take care everyone
Kelsey x


  1. Great post! I have nominated you to take part in the sunshine award. I really hope you do! You can read all about it in my latest blog post xx


  2. I've heard great things about this, definitely want to try it! x