NEW Palmer's cocoa butter fomula lip balms


I recently saw that Palmer's had released 3 new lip balms in original, dark chocolate and dark chocolate and cherry.

I was ale to get hold of the original and dark chocolate and mint (but I also really want the dark chocolate and cherry).

These lip balms are said to be:
  • ultra moisturizing
  • have SPF 15
  • long lasting moisture
  • smoothing
  • protective (original)
  • fresh breathe (dark chocolate and mint)

boots sell them and for these prices you get 4g/o.15oz

I have tried these a few times and they are both clear, smell pleasant and made my lips feel so smooth and helped my lips recover from the cold.
The only thing I don't like it the shape, they have made this a thin oval shape and I would of preferred them to stay the same circula shape they have always been.

Take care

Kels x

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