November empies

Hey everyone,

 I love these Dove shampoo and conditioner I smelt great and left my hair feel hydrated, smooth and soft.
these retail at £2.69 each but are only £2.00 from Boots at the moment :)
 I can some this up in 3 words...I hate this...I didn't like the smell it put me off using it. It done nothing for my skin and I hated the way it felt on my skin and the way it felt a little gritty.
However if you are wanting to try it or have and like it you can get it for £4.79 but it is £3.19 at Boots.


 I loved this top coat by Sally Hanson. I dried quickly, made my nails looks shiny and my nail polish lasted 4/5 days. I loved it so much I've already started my next bottle.
You can get this for £5.99 from Boots

It took my ages to use this I would say...a year or so.
I like it but I don't use a lot of high end products so I was always trying to find something that was similar in the drugstore.
It smelt lovely and I did enjoy using it whilst I had it but I won't be repurchasing it.
This one was for combination/oily skin and if you are interested you can get it for £18.00 at Boots.
This Neutrogena night cream was ok I didn't find it to be amazing or anything just a bog standard cream.
Once I have finished the day/night creams I have I really want to try to Olay 7 effect.
I can't seem to find it online. All I know is I got mine from Sainsburys haha


This is the day cream and it is the same as I thought of the night cream this you can buy for £7.99 at Superdrug

Not a lot to say here other then I liked it and it done the job.
If you are looking for this you can get it for £1.75 but it is only 87p in Boots
Take Care
Kelsey xx


  1. Great post I've never tried Dove hair products before but I'm thinking of buying some as my current shampoo is nearly finished xxx


    1. Thank you very much for the comment its great and is often in offers :) x