A beauty haul

Hello again,

o before Christmas there was a few sale and deals going around so everyone could look amazing for the festive season and I thought I would get what I needed to stock up on or items I really wanted to try and hopefully review for you guys.

I have mentioned using this in moisturiser post and I love using before any sort of moisturiser to help get as much from the product as I can. While boots had it on off at a 1/3 off I thought I would grab a back up as I won't know when the offer will be back.

As you may know from my skin care post I am really in to using hot cloth cleansers as at the moment I am using the vitamin E one from superdrug, although I am enjoying using it I had a money off voucher for No7 skincare and I really wanted to try this. 

Me and my boyfriend share face scrubs we were running low so when  popped in Wilko's I saw this for half price at £1.50 so picked up 2 for a change from the St Ives range. 
For so long I have wanted to try this and after seeing the advert of the women, that supposedly used it for 12 years and started at 24 I thought it was time as I will be 24 on New Years Day and what a better time then when it had a third off in boots woohoo. I do plan on using my other face creams first though 
This was not in the sale but I bit the bullet and brought it anyway as my skin a been so bad recently. I hear so many good things about Origins masks that it made me more determined to try it. I have used a few off the products in miniature form before as really, really liked them so
I have high hopes...fingers crossed.

These were in the sale 3 for £3.00 at boots and as they are normally £1.50 it is the same as 3 for 2. Anyway I wanted something I could use to refresh my face, whip away foundation on my hand or swatches. Normally I would use baby wipes for foundation and swatches but I would rather use something that isn't for babies bums and I think they are great for what I want them for. Boots had a huge pile of these...then they went on sale...then the pile went down quite a bit the next day of the sale and before the week was up they were all gone so I believe they are popular!!

So there you go the beauty stock up I hope you all had a brilliant holiday and have just as much fun for new years :)

Kelsey x


  1. Great haul hun!

    I should really be banned from Boots as it's probably my fave place to shop! The No. 7 hot cloth cleanser is pretty awesome and a bit of a dupe for the Liz Earl one I believe! xx

    *International* *TARTE* *Palette* *GIVEAWAY*

    1. Thank you so much for the comment hun. Oh really thanks great I can't wait to use it xx

  2. I love the Olay 7 Effects range.. :)


    1. I can't wait to finish my others to try it, thank you so much for the comment hun xx

  3. You will love the hot cloth cleanser and the clear improvement mask! They are 2 of my favourite products :D Yay

    Louise x

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