A body shop haul

Hello again

Well if you have been reading my recent posts you may already be aware that I love the body shop and so when I saw they were having a bit of a sale I thought it would be a perfect time to stock up :)

Hand creams

Well I have been using the almond hand and nail cream for years now and it is one of my favourites. As it was only £5.00 each for the large hand creams instead of £10.00 I thought I would try out some of the other ones. I got the wild rose for mainly the summer time and warmer months (even though we don't get much in the UK) as it has SPF 15 and I got the hemp one as it is meant to be really moisturising and it for dry skin. Each hand cream is 100mls

Christmas hand creams

I heard about the three mini Christmas scented hand creams on twitter and really wanted to try them and they are also the perfect handbag size or stocking filler. They are priced at £4.00 each but had them for 3 for 2 so I got all the for only £8.00. The scents are cranberry joy which smells lovely and fresh but still ha a festive feel to it. I'm not a cranberry fan but I am looking forward to trying this. Then there is vanilla bliss which is the one I am least excited about as I don't really like the smell of vanilla and it can give me a headache but I'm sure it will be a great hand cream. Finally we have the ginger sparkle which I think it mine favourite scent it's a warm spicy scent which is just perfect for this time of year. Each hand cream is 30mls

Tea tree pore minimiser

This was not on offer so it still cost £7.50 but I like to use this as a primer under my make up as I have oily skin and suffer from frequent breakouts. I thought I would get this as I was running low.

Body butters

I think the body shop are well known for their body butters and have thick, creamy and rich they are and leaving your skin feel moisturised and smooth for the whole day. Well I get bored of using the same scent for too long so I thought the small 50ml pots would be great for me and for £5.00 each and also on 3 for 2 I thought I was a bargain. I got some of my favourites which are the strawberry and mango ones and also got a chocolate scented one, I already had the large one in the chocolate but I didn't know what other one to pick.

I can't wait to start using these and on top of all of this I got a voucher of £10.00 off when I spend £25.00 in January so it won't be long until I'm back!!

Take care

Kelsey x

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