December empties


So it's that time again where I collect up my rubbish and show you :)

This is the Soap and Glory super eyes eye cream . This is a clear gel that felt cooling when applied but I saw no change or improvements so I didn't really enjoy using this product and won't be buying it again. I have looked everywhere and no where is selling this, even the S&G website isn't.

Superdrug dry shampoo in head in the clouds costs £1.99 for 150ml and I find it to be a very good dry shampoo. It comes in a range of different scenes and works just s well as others I have tried that cost more. This particular scent is very florally and is not my favourite, however I do have another when on the go in the scent chocolate brownie for brunettes. find it here 


The No7 Beautiful skin foaming cleanser is £9.00 for 150ml. This was nice to use I found it worked well when I used my cleansing brush. Like I said in my current skin care post I only use it when I'm in the bath or shower and I prefer to use hot cloth cleansers. find it here

St Ives Apricot scrub for sensitive skin which is £4.29 for 150ml is a great scrub I have gone through so many of these, they have lots of exfoliating beads that get rid of the dead skin butt don't leave it sore and irritated. Me and my boyfriend but used this and have already nearly finished another (although it was only half full to start with). I already have other scrubs that I need to use first but I will go back to this one when I have ran out. get it here

I have finally finished my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume that is 50mls and costs £48.00. I got this for Christmas about 2 years ago, don't worry if was always kept in a dark place out of direct sunlight so it didn't go off. I can tell why this is so popular it light and very floral as you can imagine but I think many ages can wear this as it is not a young scent but also not a mature one. I do love the packaging and I am interested in trying the new dotty and honey one (love those packaging as well). find it here

I posted about this a while back and it is the Umerto Giannini flirty curls scrunching jelly it was £4.79 for 200ml (50m not online) . I though I would give it a go so only brought the travel size but then I loved how curly it made my hair and was no crunchy at all. I loved that the curls could verity depending on how I put my hair up and the best bit of all NO HEAT. Out of the travel size I got about 6 uses which I think is pretty good.  find it here and you can find my post where I've used it here

I mentioned this in my October favourites and it's the Soap and Glory sugar crush body wash which is 500mls and costs £6.50. I got this at the beginning of summer and I have only just finished, I did however start of really pile it on the loafer to help use it up as I was getting bored of the scent. Like I said in that post it smells of an alcoholic drink I've had; it has a very fresh smell as the main ingredient is lime so is a great one to wake you up in the morning. find it here
Take care and happy holidays
Kelsey x



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