My current skin care - moisterisers

Hello :)
Sorry for not posting sooner I have been quite unwell. If you read my skin care post you would of seen that I put that I would be doing a separate post on my moisturisers, if not then here it is My current skin care.

 I use this every morning and night before I put on my moisturiser, this helps to increase the amount of moisture that is absorbed into the skin. It ha an unusual texture when on the skin, it comes out as a gel but feel like there is a friction like base to stick to the moisturiser (if that makes sense). Overall I feel this is really helping my skin in the winter months at keeping it hydrated even with my oily skin.

Olay beauty fluid

 You don't hear much about this and I think it is lovely, I used it many years ago and loved it back then but as you do something new comes out and you want to try it so I left it for a while. However a month ago I 'shopped my stash' regarding my skin care and feel back in love with it. I found out also that my Nanny used to use this and swore by it.

It is a light texture that is quite liquidy but it has a pleasant smell (it know makes me think of my Nanny) and it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Boots vitamin E day cream

I am now on I think my 3rd tub of this. it is basic and I use it of a night time (mainly because I accidentally picked up the day and night the night cream). It does what I want from a cream feel hydrated, smooth, soft and looked after.
I do however really want to try the Olay 7 effects day/night cream.
Whilst I was doing this I thought I would also throw in my two eye creams that I am using...
Boots vitamin E and Soap and glory super eyes


 There is not a lot to say I got them because I needed one that was cheap and I was in a rush (I have two because I used to keep one round my boyfriends before we moved in)
There not that special and if you know of any really good eye creams then please let my know :)

Take care everyone

Kelsey x


  1. love skincare related posts, really need to try hydraluron, I'm so late on the bandwagon!

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


    1. Thank you so much for the comment. I only got mine a few months ago. I will be doing my review on all the hand creams I have in a few days. Also Boots have it on offer for £16.66 instead of £24.99 :) x