My beauty sins

Hello again everyone

I didn't have much planned for my blog at the time of writing this but I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos, and have come across and tag entitled 'my beauty sins'. I like the sound of this because it shows that no one is perfect, that YT that you love and thinks they have the perfect life, skin and make up, well this is where you get a little look at behind the scenes.

Well I am in no way perfect and if it wasn't for all those people who took the plunge to sit in front of a camera, and talk to themselves, then I would know nothing about make up and beauty, I wouldn't know what I should or shouldn't be using and would be throwing my money away. However I still don't always follow they rules and do what I know I should, so here is my beauty sins.....

  • I don't always remember to wash my face properly - By this I mean I may just use a make up wipe, of use a quick cleansing lotion and wipe it off with a cotton pad which I know is not good for my skin. When I do wash my face thoroughly I normally remember to do it once so either at night/day but never both. 
  • I sometimes only use make up wipes to take my face off - I know, I know this does not get everything off and can still clog your pores but I can be really lazy or too tired because I'm staying up late for no reason. However I am getting better, since the beginning of 2014 I have put of make up remover, eye make up remover and cotton pads out at all times on my desk where I do my make up to remind myself.
  • I forget to clean my make up brushes - I am so terrible at this, I love to use nice clean brushes knowing I'm not wiping or buffing stale make up into my skin - YUK, Still I properly do them about every month or two which is awful and I need to be better at this so I'm going to write it in my blog book as I am always looking through it. 
  • I don't throw out old make up - Only if  I don't like it any more or it has gone bad and looks bloody disgusting. I just think I pay so much for it I want my money out of it, as long as I think it's ok the fine I'm the only one that uses it and if I get an infection from an old mascara because I didn't throw it away, then it's my own fault for going over the 3 month mark. To be honest I prefer drugstore make up as it's more affordable and there is such a range; but saying this it is still expensive for somethings. 
That's all I can think of so what are your beauty sins??

Kelsey x              

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