My tattoos

Hey lovelies

I thought I would do a different post today and show you my tattoos. I have 4 at the moment and I plan on getting anyone soon, however there will be no more until I have children as I won't something about them. I agree with everyone when they say they are addicting because they certainly are I would of had they done sooner but I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision first. I had all of these done in 2 years.

Oh and if any of you wanted to know the outline is 16 needles and the colouring is 32!!!

first tattoo
I was 20 when I had my first tattoo, this took about an hour and I would say it didn't hurt too bad, deferentially not as bad as everyone made out. You can feel the vibrations and a deep scratch but as soon as the needle is removed you don't feel anything. This took about an hour as the person was quite new.

Funny story behind this design, I had picked out a different one but when I went to take it to the tattooist my brother who was driving me there forgot it, by this point I was so excited I picked one out of one of the books they had., and too be honest I prefer this one which is lucky I guess.

Second tattoo

This one took me a little while to decide what I wanted, I drew a design then changed about 4 times before deciding on this one. I love this one so much as it has my favourite saying from a lovely poem and I have lots and lots of things with live laugh love on them including jewellery. This one took an hour to do and hurt a little bit more then the first especially on the tips of the wings.

Third tattoo

As soon as I saw this tattoo online I wanted in and I knew I wanted on my right arm, I love this so much and is a lot of people favourite. It's simple but effective. This took 10 minutes and didn't really hurt.

Forth tattoo
I saw something similar online when I was looking for a nice Capricorn sign to have (birthday is the 1st January) when I saw this, I decided to have a poppy joined because my cat that I considered mine (my family had 4 at one point) was called Poppy, but also because it is my mums favourite flower and at my parents house they have poppy everything haha. This took about 30 minutes and again it didn't hurt.

I should point out that most people will say that the closer to bone and vains the more painful it is, but I find it the other way round the more fatty the skin the more painful.

Well those are all my tattoo for the time being when I get my next one - I already know what I want - I will do a little post on it so you are up-to-date.

Kelsey x              


  1. Love the birds!

    Shelley x

    1. Aww thank you so much that is also the one most my family like the most x