Results from my Christmas bucket list

Hi lovelies

In November...eek that's last year...I done the Christmas bucket list tag, if you didn't see it click here.
Unfortunately I was unable to go ice skating due to my health and the fact that I have to take really strong pain killers, however I done everything else and had a great time ticking them off my list.

Having my own tree!

Me and my Steve got a 6ft tree for our first Christmas in our own place. My mum loves decorating the house and the tree is her pride and joy so me and my brothers were never aloud to help. When Steve put the tree up we rushed out and got lots of beautiful decorations to go around the flat and to make the tree look sparkly and festive....I had so much fun I was like a child in a sweety shop :)

The other picture is of a decoration my sister - in - law gave my mum for Christmas. We are a large family who are proud to have Bacon as our last name and trust me we've heard everything and personally I love all those silly names and nick names. Anyway we ALL loved this I put it straight up on Facebook to show others and other family members.

Pantomime time

So as you can tell me and Steve went and saw Aladdin and as I haven't seen one in 12 years I couldn't compare it to others but I loved it and found myself chuckling all the way though. When you see it as a child you don't realise the hidden jokes for adults, which makes it such good entertainment for all ages. Me and Steve have also agreed to do this every year woohoo!!
Unfortunately because of the lighting I wasn't able to get any decent photos and when it started I was too busy watching to even think about getting anything for the blog.

Christmas films

I watched LOTS of Christmas films this December and I made sure I watched my 3 favourites, 2 of them you can see here which are The Grinch, The nightmare before Christmas, and The muppets Christmas carol. I didn't manage to get a picture of the muppets because I was watching with all my family and I was spending quality time with them.

Picture of me and my boyfriend

I did it I managed to get a nice one of us enjoying a hot drink at Costa on one of those cold December days :

Well there you go that is how I did with my Christmas bucket list.

Kelsey x

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  1. Ooh I havent been to a pantomime in years, sounds like you had fun though x
    Beautyqueenuk xx