Sainsbury's wipes


I popped into Sainsbury's a few weeks ago and saw they done their own wipes for only £1.00. They do them in three different types, there are tea tree, vitamin E and aloe Vera..

Each pack comes with 25 wipes, are moist but not too wet and are defiantly not dry and rough to use.
Out of the tree my least favourite one was the Aloe vera ones because they smelt terrible they were like the other pack when it came to use but the smell just put me off. Next would be the vitamin E ones the smell was ok but I found it to be a little perfumey, my favourite ones were the tea tree ones (surprise surprise!!) I liked the smell but they also weren't too strong. I also found with the tea tree ones that after a few minuets they made me skin feel tingly like they were helping to clear my skin a little.

With all three packs they all done a good job for the price of getting rid of my make - up. I say for the price because you get what you pay for in that way. These are good for what I paid for them and if I was to run out of wipes and I didn't have a No7 voucher I would consider using the tea tree ones again.

Take care,

Kelsey x


  1. These sound good, I've never tried the no.7 so I can't compare-I always stick to simple so maybe I should branch out a bit more! Do you think they'd be ok for sensitive skin? :)
    Lovely post, L xo

    1. Thank you so much for the comment I love reading them. I don't have sensitive skin I am oily so I wouldn't know for sure. I would hate for you to suffer because I recommended them to you. I have had a look at each one and they have perfume in them and I think this may cause irritation. Sorry hun but for know I would stick to the simple ones if you kno they are good xx

  2. I work at Sainsburys and have never even seen these, probably because I'm not on the shop floor so much! Might go and have a nose just to keep a pack in my locker for if I'm going out after work and need to use them xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. Thank you so much for the comment always makes me smile. How funny I have only noticed these in the last month so it's not too long I guess. I love the fact that because of my post you're going to try them makes me feel really excited xx