A teeny weeny haul

Hello again all

Today I have a little haul for you all to enjoy :)

I was just popping in to Boots to get some shaving gel - very exciting - and I saw signs everywhere showing that you can get a 'try before you buy' with some free samples of Clarins. I thought what a great opportunity for me to try Clarins before I buy the full products that are a little outside my price (I did show a toner in my empties a few months back but that was a gift a couple of years ago). Here I got an energizer cleansing gel which is 5ml. This is aimed at younger skin and is said to neutralize the effects of hard water which is found in the south of UK. Then energizer wake up booster which is 10ml and this is used before your skin care routine and is labelled as a 'drink up' lotion. Finally I got a energizer cream which is 5ml and that is going to moisturise the skin and help banish imperfections. I am really excited to try these. 

I went into the works a few days ago as they where having a huge sale because their warehouse was having a clearance, there were some great bargines for the right person but I only picked up this as I was looking into getting something along this line and was taken back by the prince. For Lauren Conrad's style book that the RRP was £14.99 and I got is for a whooping 50p yes 50p and it's a hard back book. I have learnt a few things from it and I haven't looked at it too much about what is good with jeans, the different types and how to keep their dark wash. 

The other week I joined in with the beauty bloggers chat on twitter and we were discussing brands we had never used and one of mine was 'soap and glory' I got a few responses saying to try some as it was great quality and some people holy gail products. Well after I said to myself I will wait until there is a sale or deal and they were on 3 of 2. The tree products I chose are the 3 I have heard the most about with all good feedback.

Well I hope you liked this little haul and be sure to look out of reviews
Take care everyone

Kelsey x              


  1. Lovely haul! I can't wait to read your reviews about them :)


  2. Thank you so much for commenting. I am loving using the S&G products and I will review the clarins minis after my weekend away in April xx