February empties

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here we go.....

Superdrug 50 large cotton wool pads - Didn't really like these much so I have gone back to my oval ones from boots. You can get them here for £1.69.

Sainsbury's aloe vera cleansing wipes - I done a post of these here. These were the ones I like the least so I used them up as quickly as I could you can find them here and they are now £1.10.

Olay beauty fluid - I have been using this for years and really like it, well of course or I wouldn't re-buy it haha. When I have used up other moisturisers I will at some point buy this again. You can find it here for £5.99. 

TRESemme split remedy hair mask - It was okay and made my hair feel soft but I got bored of it and I will be using up some oils and sprays now. You can find it here for £5.75.

Maybelline line definer liquid eyeliner - It was okay nothing special really. Not available online.

L'oreal skin perfection micellar solution - I really liked this I found it got rid of my make up well, I didn't use this on my eyes as I use a separate product but on the odd time I used it for my eyes it didn't sting or irritate them which was a nice surprise. You can find it here for £4.99.

L'oreal elnett satin hairspray in normal strength - I have used this for years and think it is wonderful I make my hair stay in [place but can be brushed out easily. You can but it here for £6.59.

Herbal essences bee strong shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair - I LOVE the smell of these and that it lingers for the whole day. It make me hair soft and I think it did improve it a little and if I wasn't really into Dove and L'oreal at the moment I would be re-purses it. You can find it here for £3.79.

Sanctuary spa body scrub - I got this in one in the boots christmas sets and a miniture and although I'm not really into scrubbing my body I liked that this had a little oil in it that made it really moisturising. You can find it here for £5.50. 

No7 anti-dark spot facial sun protection 50+ - I love using this in the hotter months as it was easy to spread and absorbed nicely and didn't leave me feeling greasy or my pores clogged. It has 5* for UVA and it is hypo-allergenic. This is the old packaging. You can find it here for £12.00.

Nivea in shower moisturiser for dry skin - I love this stuff I use it every time I shower. In the colder months like now I don't want to be hanging around with little clothing on moisturising and then waiting to get ready. I am already using my next bottle with a further 2 back ups :). You can find it here for £3.55.

Superdrug dry shampoo in chocolate brownie - This was okay I didn't really like the smell and I found that although the powder was darker the normal ones don't look ashy on me. You can find it here for £2.99.  

Take care

Kelsey x              

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