January Empties

Hello again you lovely people

Today I am doing another empties and I'm sure I didn't use up this many, I guess you don't realise until you come to do the post haha.

Boots conditioning nail polish remover £1.30 for 150ml get it here. I liked this product it got my nail polish off quick (even when I was wearing glitter), it also didn't make my nails weak and brittle I felt it looked after my nails and the best thing is that is easterly accessible and cheap as chips so I will defiantly re-perches this again.

Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel heat protector £3.99 for 200ml get it here. I thought this would be great as lots of people on YouTube were using and raving about it at the time I brought this. At first I liked it but after I while I started to think it wasn't that great. I done the job but I think these better at the drugstore and I have now using the up the last of my Andrew Collinge one before going back to tresemme as they are in my opinion the best when it comes to heat protected at a reasonable price. I will not be buying this again as there is better.

Asda muscle ease bath soak £1.00 for 750ml find it here. Not a lot to say really it's just your bog statered bubble bath. I suffer from a bad back, hip pain and knee pain so I thought this might help, but to be honest I think the hot water done the helping haha. It says it has juniper and sage extracts so it does smell a little Herby. I may re-purchese this but I have so many others to get through first.

No7 beautiful skin wipes £7.00 for 30 wipes find it here. I never buy these for £7.00 I always wait until there have the voucher for £5.00 off which is pretty much every few weeks. I only use wipes to take off the majority of my make up before I cleanse and these are pretty good and I think they get most of my make up off and they don't irratate my skin and I always have a pack ready for when I run out.

Loud perfume by Hilfiger £8.90 for 25ml get it here. I'm trying to use up all my bottles that are half full or less. This is a strong deep musky scent and although I found it to be ok I will not be buying this again as I have other I prefer and I didn't like it enough to spend my money on it.

La roche posay effaclar duo £13.00 for 40 ml get it here. This is my second bottle and I have another ready to use. This product is so hyped up and I can understand this working amazingly for others, but I doesn't for me, yes I see some improvement to my skin but not a lot. I will be using my last tube of this to see how much it really does work to decide if I buy this again.

Palmers cocoa butter formula lip balm £1.86 for 4g get it here. I have the old packaging but they have kept the product the same. It has that fake artificial smell of chocolate that is horrible after a little while. This is a little thick for me and went gloppy and nasty near the end so I chose to throw it away. I have a box full of lip balms so I won't be buying any more soon and I already have some in the new packaging.

Dove purely pampering lotion £3.99 for 250ml get it here. I love Dove products so I thought I would give this ago. I didn't feel it gave me a lot of moisture which is ok if you don't need it but if you have dry skin go for one that is more suited to drier skin, this is one states it is for all skin types. I also didn't really like the smell it was more on the coconut side than the jasmine and I don't really like coconut.

Take care all

Kelsey x              


  1. Normally I use Radox or Natural Essential oils in the bath but tried the Asda bath soak and just love it! Much cheaper than radox but does the same thing great post xx

    www.krystelcouture.com x

    1. I used to use Radox a lot but now I just switch from asda and boots. They are exactly the same atm I'm back to boots. Thank you so much for reading and commenting xx