Optrex rehydrating eye drops (dry eyes)

Hello again lovely people

Something a little different today because I don't class this really as beauty but it can help make your eyes look awake, refreshed and b-e-autiful.

Every year for the last mmm...7 years I have tried to wear contact lenses but have failed after weeks of trying. I have always been told I have strong reflexes and we thought that after an operation I had when I was 3/4 (don't worry I won't go into it because it WILL give you nightmares) that I wouldn't be able to. It was looked into and I found that shouldn't stop me.

So how come every time they got them in they felt scratchy and uncomfortable, well at the age of 23 I was told I have dry eyes and that it's not just when my hay-fever is here it's all the time. The gentlemen said that I have probably always had it but grew to ignore it and for it to be the norm. He recommend I try some eye drops.....

Well it was at this point I told him about my phobia of them and that I was a nightmare when needing them growing up. Errrm Kelsey how are you meant to put in contact lenses then!!!
I was told to practice practice practice putting the drops in.

I got some and that night it felt like I had half to bottle down my face but I succeeded and I use them frequently now. The gentlemen was right because now I am used to using them I can tell I have dry eyes.

Oh and I don't do it the way they said to - I close my eyes and put it in the inner corner then open my eyes and blink a few times :) If you wear contacts please check the box or instructions to make sure they are safe to use.

these are safe to use with contacts 

So if you won't to try eye drops but are not sure give these ago they feel so nice after and I have never had any discomfort or stinging and I'm on my third almost forth bottle. Don't worry it you don't gave dry eyes they have different kinds

I got mine from boots for £3.79 see here

Take care all

Kelsey x              


  1. I really want to try eye drops to brighten my eyes, sometimes they are red and tired and i want to look awake hehe. Im going to look into these.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. There are lots that are avaliable at reasonable prices I hope it works for you so you can show off those beautiful eyes xx