REVIEW - Garnier moisture match

Hello again :)

I saw that the Garniar moisture match creams were on offer a little while ago and got the one for combination skin which is a mattifying fresh cream which is the green one. You can get the 50ml tube for £5.99 here, you can also get the pink one goodbye dry for dry / very dry, the yellow one protect and glow with SPF 20 for all skin types, the orange one wake me up for dull skin and finally the blue one start a fresh softening cream for normal / dry skin. Keep a look out as these are often on sale in boots, superdrug and supermarkets.

These are perfect to pop in your bag to if you want to top up due the day in these cold months or for if you are going away for a break. It has a pleasant smell and the cream had a slight tint of mint but when you rub it in the colour dissolved and does not change the base for make up.

The cream is not thin or thick but spreads beautifully that makes it feel like you are wearing nothing, therefore I feel this is not clogging up my pores and I only need a little bit. Once I have rubbed it in it sinks in so quickly leaving a lovely smooth surface that feel soft

I choose to use this as a base under my make up so my skin is moisturised and protected with a thin barrier from my foundation, this then feels like the foundation won't clog up my pores and cause breakouts.

Have any of you tried this range and what are your thought as I am interested in the orange one

Take care

Kelsey x              


  1. Thanks for sharing the review. I never tried any skincare products of garnier, but it does sounds like a lovely product. Might check it out :)


    1. What a lovely comment thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. If you do get it I hope you like it, I just got the orange one and I hope I like it just as much x

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and then to follow that's so kind of you I will go have a look now x