REVIEW - Label M sea salt spray and leave in conditioner

Hi all

My brother gave me these when they didn't work for his girlfriend and I thought I would try them and review them for you. Now I know these are pricey and I wouldn't of brought them but as they were free I thought it would be a good opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and try something

Sea salt spray

The sea salt spray comes with a spray top that gives out a nice mist, but I would recommend you hold it as far back as you can because it you spray it too close your hair with get a thick coating of the product, leaving your hair damp, sticky and greasy (yuk!)

In the can you get 200mls of product that costs £13.25 if you get it from the label m website here, however others sites do offer it cheaper if you are interested like Amazon.

To be honest I didn't like this sea salt spray at all. I felt it left me hair sticky and the smell was ok but a little earthy and herby mixture. I took pictures before and after and there was bearly any difference I just wanted to go wash my hair and use one of my better sea salt sprays.



Leave in conditioner 

I hated this it done nothing for my hair and I felt like I needed to wash it again. I don't have lot else to say about other then it was too thin and made my hair feel greasy. It has the same smell as the sea salt spray

You get 300mls in the tube which costs £13.25 which you can get here. again like the sea salt spray others sites do offer it cheaper if you are interested like Amazon.

I would never buy products that are in this price range as I find them too expensive but like I said I got it from my brother who didn't like it along with his girl friend.

Sorry this is a negative post

Take care

Kelsey x              

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