A little No7 haul

Welcome back :)

I have collected a few No7 vouchers from boots recently - I know they last until March 30th - and thought I would go have a look-see what they had to offer.

Well I was excited to see a No7 box with a sign saying free gift :) yay free things are always nice and don't come around that often.

However we need to earn the free gifts (which are worth £20) 2 cosmetic items need to be purchased, there is no minimum spend so you can go in and get the 2 cheapest things. Remember the vouches well one of them can be used with this to get a little money off :).

I brought a black liquid liner that is 4ml and can be brought here  for £7.50, and also the eye shadow in truffle that you can get here for £7.00. but I did get £3.00 0ff so I think I everything at a really good price!!

I have a few of these single eye shadows all ready and I found them to be really soft and smooth and they are nice to blend as well. These are usually what I use with my £3 off voucher when I don't need anything else as these are then only £4 which I think is great for the quality.

Now for the good bit.....free gift

It comes beautifully wrapped and I have already used the lid to store my concealers so they don't keep going everywhere in my face draw.

First off there is a skin illuminator radiance boosting beauty fluid which is 10ml, this is a golden champane colour with shimmer all the way through it. It is sealed and I am waiting until the summer time to use this so I am sorry I can not show you what it looks like.
Then we have a exceptional definition mascara that has a plastic wand, I don't really like this kind but I will give it ago as it is a perfect size for handbags, nights out, being in a rush and going away.
We then have a high shine lip crayon in delicate pink wish I was most excited about as I love the crayon products that most brands are doing now. This is a lovely everyday rosey colour.

Finally we have the a light taupe colour. I'm sorry this has come out looking white but I tried to take this picture x10 and the swatch also kept coming out white but I promise you it isn't. This again feels like the slightly larger ones that you can buy.

I think this little set will come in handing when transitioning into spring and summer.

will you be getting the free gift??

Take care and I hope the sunshine continues for everyone and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog :)

Kelsey x              


  1. Ooo that free gift looks lovely, looks like a good one! I'm the same as you I can't resist a freebie!
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. :) Thank you so much for commenting, oooh yes got to take advantage of feebies. I love the outfits on your blog you have great fashion sense xx

  2. The free gift looks really lovely! I have never tried any No.7 make-up or skincare for that matter, for some reason it has just never appealed to me xx

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment I love interacting with others :) xx

  3. this eyeshadow is beautiful! I've tried no7 makeup primer and I loved it xx

    1. Thank you for commenting. I haven't tried the primer before, would you recommend it for oily skin? xx