March empties part 1

Hello again :)

Superdrug Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser £4.99 for 200ml find it here
I liked this and for the price I would highly recommend it. I'm not too keen on the smell as it does smell like sun cream but I will repurchase it if I needed to. It also done a good job of cleaning my skin and it wasn't too thick and not greasy at all.

Botanics eye make up remover £3.99 for 150ml find it here
I really liked this, it's one of the ones where you need to shake it up before using it and it is a little oily. I found it never irritated my eyes and it did leave a little bit of oil resadue but I didn't mind that. I can't comment on getting off water proof mascara as I never wear it.

Sanctuary Spa intense rescue heel balm £7.50 for 75ml find it here
This is ok I found it to be too thick and heavy on my feet I much perfer the soap and glory one which it cooling and in a gel form which I find it be much more effective. This is also the old packaging.

No7 beautiful skin purifying exfoliator for normal - dry skin £8.50 for 75ml find it here 
This was ok but I won't be buying it again, like everything I own from No7 I buy it using the vouchers that come out all the time. For the price you don't get a lot, it's not very grainly and it feel like I am applying a gel cleanser with a few beads in I was disappointed.

No7 beautiful skin foaming cleanser for normal-dry skin £9.50 for 150ml find it here
I am so glad I have finally used this up as I no longer want to use foam cleanser as I feel they do not help my ache and I am enjoying using balm and hot cloth cleansers. I will not be repurchasing and like I stated above this was brought using a voucher as I will not pay that price.

50 oval cotton pads £1.00 from Savers 
They done the job they weren't too thin or thick and they were cheap so I was happy! :)

Sanisbury's vitimin E cleansing wipes £1.10 for 25 wipes
I hate the smell of these and I just wanted to use them up quickly. I used them for wiping away swatches, cleaning my desk after applying my make up and like always getting the first layer of make up off.

Collection lasting perfection in number 3 £4.19 get it here
I absolutely love this concealer like everyone else. I have lost count on the amount of times I have brought this and of course I have another one on the go

Bourjois healthy mix foundation in 53 £9.99 for 30ml get it here
I really liked using this, it didn't leave me looking cakey and it left my with dewy looking skin. As you can see this is the old packaging, when I have used up some more of my foundations I will likely be buying another one of these.

YSL multi action concealer number 2 £22.00 get it here
This looks like a lipstick which isn't as easy to work with as I prefer a more liquid like concealer and this is the wrong colour for me or it had oxidise as I think I had it for about 3 years. I never ready used it (as I love my drugstore concealer) and thought I would get it out the other week and it was horrible. As you can imagine due to the price I will not be buying this again.

Gosh concealer in number 2 
I'm sorry but all the packaging as rubbed off and you can no longer but this but I didn't like it and I don't have sensitive eyes but this really hurt so I havn't used much but I has just been collecting dust so it is time for it to go.

Maxfactor Clump Defy in black for £10.99 get it here
I hated this when I first got it but once it had dried up a little bit I began to love it. The wand is one of the curved one which I have never used but I didn't find it to bad and I normal like a big bristle brush, I have a post coming up on this product so look out for that. I have so many mascaras at the moment but I would efferently buy this again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and have a look on my blog

Take care guys

Kelsey x              

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