REVIEW - Lush yuzu and cocoa

Hello again

I have a little stash of lush products for when I fancy a treat at bath time and I thought I would show you this one.

This is a bubbleroon and as the name suggests it creates lots of bubbles when it is crumbed under the water whilst it's running. Like it says it really does create soft silky water that feels relaxing when lying down.

This changed the bath water into a horrid yellow colour but I can look past that because the smell was beautiful - you can defiantly smell the cocoa which helps it to smell chocolatey - yum yum but please do not eat it. It left my skin feeling so soft and I think I could use this one again in the summer time  However this still does not beat my favourites the butterball and ma bar (which is limited to some stores :( )

This costs £3.25 here and you can also get a perfume under the same name!!

Sorry this was only a little review

Take care

Kelsey x              

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