REVIEW - nivea daily essentials regenerating night cream

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As you would expect from any nivea product they all have the same smell which I quite like, I have tried several different nivea products over the years and I have never been let down, I think my first ever moisturiser was from nivea. 

This is a very thick cream that does not move when tipped upside down, that spreads nice and evenly all over and is a thick consistency which is what I want in a night cream as that's the best time to let my skin take in all the good stuff. I got this when it was on offer for £1.98ish but does retail for £4.35 here for 50ml it says it is for normal and combination skin but I find this fine for my oily skin. You can get a richer one here £4.07 this one is more for sensitive and dry skin.

I like that I only need a little bit this is going to last my for months but I don't mind as I think my skin is dehydrated as it sucks up any moisture it gets. Yes everyone if you have oily skin it still needs moisturier to keep hydrated which will help to keep it in better condition and possible help with the amount of oily that is being produced.

I have also using up my boots vitimin E day cream - first I picked up the wring one and also I feel it's too heavy for the day time. I prefer this one because it feels a little more noutriouse and like it is doing more for my skin.

Have you ever tried this or have any recommendations for good night creams??

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Kelsey x              


  1. Just saw that u r from one of my favourite towns in the UK :)))
    I love Nivea's hand creams!

    1. Thank you so much for a lovely comment. I haven't tried the Nivea hand creams creams before, when I'm running low I may have to give them a go xx

  2. Nivea is alway a good product to use! It always feels so good on the skin :)


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment and I completely agree I always go back to them xx