March empties part 2

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There's so many...here we go....

Please let my say that I CANNOT in any way describe scents very well my way is nice, sweet, musky and lovely 

Soap and Glory - mist you madly 100ml for £3.99 get it here

Kylie Minogue sweet darling 30ml for £29.99 get it here

Ghost - sweetheart 50ml for £33.90  get it here

All of these are sweet, KM is a very very sweet smell, G is sweet but there is an underlying smell that is musky and S&G smells like the rest of the range sweet and girly.

Samy fat hair '0' calorie hairspray 50ml for £2.59 get it here I didn't like this at all it left my hair sticky and like it needs washing after spraying it (even on fresh washed hair) I will never buy this again

Mark Hill make me shine fabulous finish hairspray 50ml for £5.99 (full size) get it here  I really liked this made my hair stay in place but I could easily brush it out without leaving my hair feel  sticky.

TRESemme platinum strength stay soft leave in 125ml for £5.69 get it here I didn't like this as I didn't see much difference or improvments. I don't really like to use creams in my hair as I prefer oils so this maybe also why I didn't like it. 

Aussie miracle moist shampoo and conditioner 75ml each (full size at £4.69) get it here I do like these they do a good job that has a lovely smell that lingers in your hair once it has dried. The only downside is that it builds up in my hair and can weigh it down.

Palmolive honey and moisturising milk shower milk 250ml for £1.99 get it here  I love this stuff and go back to this time and time again. I think this is because my mum used to use this when I was little and let me have a little in my bath before bedtime. This then reminds me of those times and makes me feel relaxed and ready for bed when I use it at night. 

Soap and Glory scrub of your life 50ml for £2.50 (not online) This is ok I am not big on using body scrubs but I got this in a gift set so I thought I would use it up, I would prefer it to be in a pot so it would be easier to use then in a tube.

Nivea in shower body moisturiser for dry skin 250ml for £3.56 get it here I love this stuff and have gone through about 3 now. When it's cold I don't want to be putting moisturiser on when I am freezing so this is perfect for me as all I need to do is step out of the water but this all over and rise it off and I'm done.

Thank you so much for reading and take care

                                                              Kelsey x              

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