REVIEW - maxfactor clump defy volumizing mascara

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From the picture above you can see that the wand for this mascara is curved and as small plastic bristles which is something I uaually hate in a mascara but I really did see a difference with this one.

My fav mascaras are the No7 intense volume and Revlons Grow Luscious. Now both of these have big thick wards which I love as they can really make my lashes long and keep a curl well. (for my lashes sorry if these didn't work for you). Also I never use waterproof as I don't tend to like the way the work on my lashes or the whole getting it off.

When I first got this the formula was quite wet and that is a big no-no for me so I left it for a few weeks so it could dry out a bit, once it had I thought it worked really well. When I used it I also used the curved in side for top and bottom lashes, I also used eye lash curlers every time as my eye lashes go straight out otherwise. 

Here is a close up for the effect it gave to my lashes and I was so happy that I might add it to my favs so well done Maxfoctor.

This is avaliable in waterproof as well :)

Maxfactor clump define Get it here the waterproof version Get it here both of them are £10.99

The other mascaras mentioned:

No7 Intense Volume Get it here for £9.95

Revlon Grow  Luscious Get it here for £9.99

I was struggling a little as to what posts I should do and thought I would do a review for now and go on a spree looking at other blogs for inspiration but if there is anything you would like to see then please tell in a comment or you can tweet me at @kelseymisskfb.

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