REVIEW - Miss Sporty Lasting Colour Nail Polish in Fatal Black

Hello lovely people

Miss sporty 'fetal black'
The next day
I've been so busy with trying to do my disertation and thought I would do a quick review for you. I'm sure you can tell from the picture above I was not very impressed.

I don't own any black nail polishes so I thought I would go and try one, I didn't want to spend too much in case it didn't suit me, therefore I was pleased that this was only £1.99.

I done my usual when I do my nails:
  • Base coat
  • first thin layer
  • second thin layer
  • top coat
Yes I do always make sure they have dried in between each coat :)

Normally nail polish lasts on my for 5-7 days if I don't do too much with my hails like gardening (...I would never do gardening haha). But this only lasted A DAY!! I was not happy especially as I was going round my parents for a family dinner.

I thought this would of lasted a bit longer as it wasn't gloopy or too watery, it seemed fine when I applyed it and overall I thought it was great for only £1.99 .
Unfortunatly I have not tried anything else from the nail range for Miss Sporty.

If you would like to check out any of the other colours or anything else from the range then click here.

Do any of you think that it was just a one off?
Have any of you tried any of the other colours and found them to be fine?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

Kelsey x             

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