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Shampoo and conditioner

leave in conditioner and dry shampoo-

hairspray, heat protector and serum
Today I thought I would show you what products I use on my hair, the only product that changes is my oil/serum but the one I picked is my most used one at the moment.

Shampoo and conditioner
I love dove for hair products I have used a few from their range and I also have a back up of the leave in conditioner along with the blue one.

This shampoo and conditioner are the intense repair and if you have tried this brand of hair products before you know they smell AMAZING. These leave my hair feeling so soft and shiny, I like that I can always trust these to keep my hair in good condition or sort it out if I have tried other products that don't work as well, get them here for £2.69 each.

Leave in conditioner
There is not a lot I can say about this that I haven't said about the shampoo and conditioner except that I only spray this on the lengths and ends of my hair. This is from the nourishing oil range get it here for £3.59

Dry shampoo
I don't usually use this dry shampoo I normally stick to superdrugs own brand or batiste, I got this with a set from boots in the christmas sales. It's ok but I wouldn't run out and buy it, however I do like the fact that there is a ball inside and when I shake it it makes a noise :) get it here for £5.99 for the full size.

I love the smell of this, this is the only hairspray I have tried that does not smell awful. This is a iced vanilla and raspberry scent that is lovely. This hairspray does not leave my hair feeling sticky and crunchy, if you use it lightly from a reasonable distance then you will be able to brush this out easily. I saw so hype about this product (mostly for the smell) but I do agree that this is a great choice if you are not looking for a super hold. They do a stronger hold  that is iced coconut cocktail. get them both here for £4.99 each.

heat protector
This is a new product to me that I have seen pop up in the blogger and youtube world. I now keratin is good for your hair as long as you don't give it too much because then it can have the opposite affect. So far I am liking it and I think it does a great job of protecting my hair. I didn't realise it claim to add shine to your hair so I will check up on that and get back to you get it here for £5.49
I like to put this on the end of my hair to stop it getting dry and getting split ends, I change up my serums and oils but laetly I have be using this one more. It does a good job and I don't really notice a smell. I can't find the smaller bottle so this is for the larger one get it here for £9.99.

Thank you for reading and following my blog I really do appreciate it :)

Do you have any hole grail / favourite hair products

Kelsey x             

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