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Welcome back lovelies :)

A while ago I was catching up with some youtube videos when I saw the lovely Karen from 'Mrs Gingers Beauty Channel' had made up a new tag. I thought I would go ahead a do it so all you could know about the tag, Karen and maybe do it yourself :)

1 Your beauty fairy says you can try a product that you've always wanted to try but that is out of your budget. What do you choose?
I would choose a high end foundation maybe Chanel. Due to ache I suffer from scarring and when a spot has gone it leave a mark, with highstreet foundations I feel that the shade choice is not always great and that I need a high coverage. Maybe I could get away with less with Chanel.

2 Your beauty fairy is giving you one luxury beauty product to have free for the rest of your life. What do you choose?
A Laura Mercia body cream as they smell amazing as well as feel amazing

3 What would be your 3 wishes for miracle products from the beauty fairy? EG. Permanent fake tan

Nail polish that doesn't chip and helps keep nails strong, something that STOP shine and oily skin all day long and wax that shapes my eye brows so stops it growing back

4 Your beauty fairy has given you £100 to spend on beauty today, what are you going to buy? 

So much!! I would treat myself to a Chanel lippy, Micheal Todd blusher, Illamasqua lippy or gloss, MAC sculpt powder. There is properly much more but that's all I can think of now.

5 The beauty fairy has given you a day at a spa - what treatments do you choose? 

A massage for back, neck and feet. A facial so I can have lovely skin after. And of course a mani/pedi

6 Your beauty fairy is sending you back in time so you can give your younger self beauty advice - what advice do you give?

Don't cut your hair short it doesn't suit you and will take 2 years to grow back.

7 From today, the beauty fairy is giving you a new beauty skill - what do you choose? EG. False lash application

Winged eyeliner (or perfect foundation match)

8 The beauty fairy says you can steal a facial feature from one of your favorite You Tubers - do you accept? If so, what facial feature and from who?

I won't except as I fill good about mine :)


Karen's video

Karen's channel

I hope you all liked this new tag and thank you so much for visiting me

Kelsey x             

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