Top 5 spring/summer nail polishs

Bikini so  tiny and candy apple

Hi everyone

I thought I would do a little post on my favorites nail polishes to wear when the sun is out and I want to wear a bit of colour. I love to wear nail polish my my fingers and toes as they make them look nicer and can polish off an outfit.

When we get a little sun in the UK the first thing everyone does is show skin off, so why not show off these beautiful colours.
The two essie colours are pastals so they are not too bold but still feel summery, if I was going to be wear staple pieces of clothing or jewellery, I would then tone down my nails as it be clash and be too  loud. These polishes are opaque and I always put 2 coats on no matter how opaque they are. I find these don't chip on me too much which is amazing and I can normally go at least five days with only the tips of some nails fading.

Then we have the barry M nail paints which to be honest are properly one of my favourite brand of polishes because they are cheap, they have so many colours and for me they don't chip straight away like they do for some people. I do prefer they gelly nails over the originals and I am in the process of replacing mine so they are all gelly paints. These polishes are very opaque, glossy and they have a nice thick brush so there is better application.

Essie polishes - get candy apple here and get bakini so tiny here they are £7.99 each

Barry M - get the full collection of the gelly paints here for £3.99 each

What are your favourite nail polishes for those summer days and is there a certain brand you find yourselve always going back to?

Kelsey x             


  1. I loved this post hun, maybe you could do some swatches in the future?
    I love Barry M's nail polish's though <3
    I also have a summer nail polish post if you want to check it out?

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

    1. Thank you for reading and I will deferentially keep that in mind for next time :) xx