My current favourites

Hello loverlies I thought I wouls do a current faves post as I don't do them!!

First we have a book which is John Green's Paper Towns, I am a big book worm and always reading two books at a time, this is a book about two people that live next door to each other, Margo takes Quentin ie Q around their town in the middle of the night to get back at people from their school. The next day Margo is missing and she has left clues for Q to follow. This is my first John Green book and I heard his writting style is quite funny and I would have to agree, I am half way through and I can't wait to find out what else takes place. Get it here.

If any of you are on goodreads you can find me here

Next we have a hair band I got from primark in a set of two, they are a type of scrunchy with a bow and if you put it on correctly (I find the bow in the had that is wrapping it works) it looks like a cute bow for your ponytail and just makes it look summery with the floral patten.  

I recently, well 4 days ago, got my new phone  case (iphone 5) that I brought for only 99p with no delivery charge off eBay, I love it as a giraffe is my favorite animal, the seller was from china so it took about a week which I think is still great. It is a TPU silicon gel cover which should protect my phone when not if I drop it. Get it here

I then have the Botanics rosewater toning spritz which is lovely and refreshing to spray on your skin as part of my skincare or refresh my skin/ makeup. I really like the fact that this comes out as a mist as I find with somethings you don't know until you buy it. Get it here £4.99 for £150ml

Finally we have a miniature of the body shop's Aloe calming toner which has been so refreshing and makes my face feel so clean as sometimes after my cleanser there can be some residue. Get it here for £3.00 for 60ml.

What have you been loving?

Thank you for reading and coming to look at my blog, I am trying to make sure you guys get regular updates but I am also resting a lot and that involves lying down watching TV as I had surgery on my spine last week. 

Kelsey x                


  1. I actually use a lot of Botanics products and I must say they are really good! (I have super sensitive skin) and it's an amazing product <3

    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  2. What you had done to your spine? I had spinal surgery 13 days ago for scoliosis for got metal rods put in spine... Laid up in bed loads as can't sit for long due to severe leg pain..

    1. Hi there I had my of my discs shaved and then any lose part removed. I was meant to be on my back for 6 weeks and walking every now and then but after 2 weeks I was feeling amazing and I have been able to walk properly.
      I really really hope everything went ok and that you make a quick recovery :) xx