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Sorry it has been almost a week but I have been working non stop to get my dissertation finished. I handed that in yesterday and I can't believe that my 3 years in uni is over!!

Anyway lets get back to the post......

I saw on Escentual that french pharmacy brands were 1/3 off and I thought I would take advantage of this, I picked up this lip balm and a small bioderma bottle, I will be reviewing this later once I have got round to using it.

This lip balm domes in a small glass pot that holds 15g of product. This lip balm has a strong smell of chocolate orange that is zesty, it is a thick consistency. I use this as nighttime to give it time to sink in, this is not a sticky product but it does feel like a thick layer that is comfortable. The reason I don't use this during the day as I believe this does not have an SPF and as the UK are having a sunny patch (It can happen!!) so I like to wear a lip balm that will protect my lips.

You will only need to use a little as it is thick.

You can get the nuxe reve de miel for £6.33 instead of £9.50 here

I am happy that I am able to use this but please do not feel that because everyone else is you have too.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading :)

Kelsey x             

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