Updated skin care routine

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My skin type is oily with hormonal breakouts (I used to have ache)


 I don't like to use foam washes as they strip my skin and cause more breakouts so I only use hot cloth cleanser, cleansing balm (gel washes- when I am in the shower or bath)

Here I am using the No7 hot cloth cleanser that is very creamy, gentle and leave my face a little moisturised. I then spray the botanics rosewater toner, when that has been absorded, boots vitimin E eye creamand then I will then use the clean and clear moisturiser thathelps for breakouts or the la roche posay effaclar duo.

No7 hot cloth cleanser get it here for £9.95
Botanics rosewater toner get it here for £4.99
Clean and clear moisturiser get it here for £3.59
Effecalar Duo (the + one is only available) get it here for £15.50
Boots vitamin E eye cream get it here for £2.54

That's it!!

For the night time I use some of the same products and I am showing you what I would use if I had no make up on as I don't wear make up everyday

First I cleanse with No7, then I use the body shop toner, next is the effaclar duo. Then I use one of my favorite products in my skincare routine which is the body shop vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil, then the vitamin E eye cream and finally Nivea regenerating night cream that is very thick but a good basic moisturising. 

The body shop aloe calming toner get it here for £3.00
The body shop vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil get it here £12.00
Nivea night cream get it here for £4.35

Some days when I need a little more moisturising throughout the day or a pick my up I will use the body shop vitamin E face mist, I love this stuff and its smells really nice.
If I have any breakout or I can feel some coming I will then put some la roche posay effaclar A.I. this is a cream product that at first I thought was doing nothing to my breakouts but recently I have been seeing a difference.

The body shop vitamin E face mist get it here for £8.00
Effaclar A.I. get it here for £9.50

I thought I would show you what I would use to take my make up off....

I take the first layer of make up off with wipes, I change wipes all the time but at the moment I am using the No7 ones, I then use the No7 cleansing water which I don't really like but it does the job - I can't wait to finish it so I can go back to my garnier one :) Finally I use an eye make up remover this one does a good job.

No7 wipes get it here for £7.00
No7 cleansing water get it here for £9.50
L'Oreal eye make up remover get it here for £3.49

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  1. I have oily skin as well, and I use the Simple moisturiser, but I always find that it makes my skin even worse, so I might try the one you use!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. Thank you for reading are keep my fingers crossed it works for you :)