What have I been up to lately?

Welcome back lovelies :)

So after being involved in the last few bblogger chats in the last few weeks I have seen that people enjoy reading post that are personal and getting to know the blogger more...so here goes!! :)

My dissertation
For the last 3 years I have been studying my Early Years Foundation Degree and on Thursday 12th June I handed in my 36 page dissertation. This was just an amazing feeling especially as I was in hospital having major surgery on my spine only 2 1/2 weeks before.

Make up purge
I have been watching a lot of youtube videos where people have purged their make up and de-cluttered their beauty stash which gave my motivation to go through mine and I must say it made me feel good :)

So because I had finished my degree my boyfriend Steve took my out for dinner and dessert so I chose Nando's of course where I had a chicken burger (Steve had to finish it though because it was so big)

If you can get to one...GO!!
yummy dessert
There is a sprinkle in Southampton that was the closed to me but I never got round to going and about a month ago they opened one in Bournemouth so of course I had to go. We both shared these but I think we should of just shared one. The left one is peanut butter with nuts and the right one is toffee...Yummy!!

A nice hot bubble bath with lush's blackberry bath bomb
Now to relax after my busy weekend I enjoyed a nice long relaxing bath with one of my lush bath bombs that smelt amazing and filled the whole flat, even Steve said that it smells great.

Lush bath bomb in blackberry -  Get it here for £2.96 (one of the cheapest!!)

Well I hope you enjoyed a peek in kelsey world and thank you so much for reading :)

Kelsey x             

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