Fruity summer scent

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When the UK have weather like we have been having, which is really hot for us I don't always want to wear perfume as I find it can lead to me feeling sick or giving me headaches so I tend to splash on body sprays/mists that are lighter and won't linger around all day.

What I have been reaching for lately is my 2 body shop sprays in strawberry and satsuma which just smell amazing and yummy, like I said these won't stay around for more than an hour or 2 but they do come in a perfume form that is stronger and will last longer :)

The body mists can be found here for £7.50

The perfumes can be found for here £8.50

Both these body mists come in 100ml glass bottles and the perfumes come in bottles that are also glass and therefore would not be suitable when traveling :(. Like with everything if not most things they sell these are both fair trade :)

The way I choose to wear these is together to create and really light fruity scent that will leave me and my clothes smelling fresh, I would be interested in trying some of there other scents (Peach!!) and mixing it up a bit to get new scents to suit the mood

Have any of you tried the body mists or perfumes? Which ones would you recommend?

As always thank you for stopping by

Kelsey x

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