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This is my current eye cream although I have been using a sample of the body shop elderflower eye cream - for £7.50 (not online). I have been using this for a while as I didn't want to use anything too harsh as I am only 24 so I won't to keep the area hydrated more then fighting wrinkles.

This boots Vitamin E eye cream - get it here for £2.54 is super cheap but gives a nice amount of moisture from the thin cream, if you have dry patches by your eye then this may not be thick enough and mosituring enough, if not then this should be a good starting point when introducing eye creams into your skin care routine.

This also comes with a SPF 15 which is great but please do not just rely on this to protect yourself your then sun make sure you are protected by the UVA and UVB. 

This claims to help with fine lines, puffiness and dark circle within 4 weeks, from this list I suffer from dark circles but unfortunately I have not been able to see a difference but I still like the way my skin feels when using this.

How to apply eye cream

  1. Cleanse skin and pat dry
  2. Apply only a small amount to each eye (it is recommend only half a pea per eye). 
  3. You want to apply it to your orbital  bone as if you put it straight onto where the dark circles/bags are as there is nothing for the skin to absorb it, to find your orbital bone gentle feel round your eyes, you will feel a bone going round the eye the bottom part is your orbital bone and the part under your brows is your brow bone
  4. You will then need to spread the cream evenly around the orbital bone, where crows feet are and brow bone
  5. You will need to use your ring finger as this finger applys the least amount of pressure to the skin that had lead to bruising under the delicate skin
  6. Some people pat the cream in or do a gentle windscreen wiper motion. I pat as first and then do a little swipe to make sure it has been spread out evenly
  7. Finally let it absorb before moving on to the next step in your skin care routine

There are lots of differnt eye creams on the market so you may need to try a few to find the right one for you but don't forget you can also go to a counter and get someone to put some on for you to try or tp get a sample.

Thank you for being patient with me as I am very busy at the moment and of course THANK YOU for reaing and visiting my little blog

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