REVIEW - the body shop vitimin E mist

Welcome back lovely people :)

Today I though I would do another review for you guys and of course we all know by now how much I love the body shop haha, this time I am talking about the Vitamin E face mist.

First off I have oily skin so I don't like to use a heavy products but it is still important for me to moisturized daily so I find this to be perfect as it gives a good amount of moisture (probably not if you have dry/very dry skin).

The best thing about this is that it does not come out as a a squirt of water but as a fine mist where you can cover your whole face in a few sprays, along with this is that when I got it, it was filled up to the every top and I use it most day and I haven't used that much for this, so it's going to be sticking around for a while :)

I use this in a few different ways:
  1. I use it in my morning/everning skin care routine  to give my skin moisture?
  2. I use it on hot days to call myself down
  3. I use it over make up (it can also be used under) to set my make up and give it a pick me up
It has the same scent as all the other products that are in the Vitamin E rage at the body shop which I think is lovely and subtle and it also has a slight rose scent as there is rosewater in there too.
Another plus it that it comes with a lid to if you pop it in a bag you are safe from it going everywhere as it is quite sturdy and also it is a plastic bottle so again safe to travel with....yay!!

You can get it for here £8.00

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading :)

Have any of you tried this product? or anything else from the body shop?

Kelsey x

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