A little December haul

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So over December in amongst all the Christmas present buying I brought a few things for myself,  I actually found this quite hard since I found out I am pregnant, I can't justify buying things I don't really need when I could of spent that money getting ready for baby.

I no this s not glamorous or has pretty packaging but it works for me at the moment. I have always suffered with eczema but over the last few years I seem to have begun to grow out of it, however I still get it a little on my scalp and this has done wonders for me and since I started using it about a month ago I haven't had any flare ups. Since the lager bottle was on offer in superdrug recently I thought I would pick it one. 

Head and shoulders itchy scalp shampoo RRP £4.99 - Link (The brand is on offer at superdrug atm)

I saw 'Missbudgetbeauty' talking about these recently on her YT channel (same name) and liked the sound of them as well as the colour selection. I picked up 310 Berry Much which is a deep wine colour perfect for the festive season and through out the autumn/winter time. This is the only one I have and I have worn it once out for a meal and it did if me the 'ring mark' so make sure you top up.

Also be mindful as I have heard the colours/formulation is not consistent.

Maybelline colour show lipstick in 310 berry much RRP £4.99 - Link

I have been meaning to get a red lip liner for so long as I love to rock a red lip in the colder months.  This one here is by Rimmel and is in the colour 024 red diva. When I swatched it in the store it felt really lovely and creamy.

Rimmel exaggerate full colour lip liner in 024 red diva RRP £3.99 - Link

I was looking for a deep wine red colour but at the time I couldn't find one and this is the closest I could get. Although it is more on the purple side I think it would still make a beautiful colour for this time of year and once I change my Christmas nails I will be using this one next.

Rimmel salon pro nail polish in 402 urban purple RRP £4.49 - Link

This is a re-purchase for me as I tend to use clear polish as a base coat as it does the same job and can be cheaper!

 NYC expert last nail polish in 138 classy glassy RRP £2.49 - Link

Sorry about the lipstick mark from the other picture!

I'm sure most people have seen all the hype this brand is getting at the moment and to be fair the few products I have tried have been amazing. This feels so soft almost like silk and is very pigmented. I can't wait to try this!

Makeup revolution blush in hot! RRP £1 - Link

Have you brought any treats for yourself before Christmas?

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