REVIEW - Lush santa lip scrub

Welcome back!!

So it's that time of year again and Lush have brought back their festive lip scrub. This is hugely popular last year and unfortunately I left it too long and missed my chance of trying it.

This lip scrub tastes and smells just like cola and does any amazing job at keeping your lips soft and smooth - perfect for those red lips!! These can last for year which is great and they do what they say which in  my book is brilliant that it is not just a gimmick for the small and taste. like after you have eaten a donut
The only thing that puts me off using it on a regular basis is that:
  1. You can't do this on the go, yes I know they say you can lick it off but do you really want to eat dead skin and god knows what else is near your mouth? But really the sugar gets everywhere like after eating a donut which means I need a flannel or tissue to clean up after.
  2. It's in a pot!! Why? That means I've got to make sure I have nice clean hands every time I use this rather then just wiping it over my lips like a lipstick - no fuss. 

Lush have a few other choices if Santa doesn't take you fancy; there is bubblegum, popcorn and mint julips (this is the one I usually go for). All of them an be found here.  RRP - £5.50

What do you think of these and what are your favourites?


  1. Great and honest review!!! The container is super cute and i love the color of it! Haha I wouldnt want to lick it off either, Gross!!! I'll be checking this one out as well as the others! Thank you for sharing this on twitter :)


    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment - I think I have a new fav now!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the comment :) I haven't tried that one before I think I will next time I'm in there though :)