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So it's that time of year again when we say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. This year as been crazy for me - I had spinal surgery, graduated, got engaged and I am now 28 weeks pregnant. Along with all of this there have been some products in the beauty world that have stood out to me and that I have been really enjoying using.

Hair Care 

I have tried many different things for my hair this year and it has all been about keeping it healthy and strong. I was watching some youtube videos earlier this year and saw a lot of hype for this and as it was on offer at the time I thought I would try it.
My hair isn't particularly damaged or dry but it's always good to give it a bit of TLC every now and then. This left my hair feeling sooo smooth and soft after that I instantly fell in love. It is a mask so be warned this stuff is thick and if you put in on your scalp it will make your hair greasy and weighed down.
Charles Worthington Moisture seal hair mask (salon at home range) - RRP £5.99 Link


I have gone through so many of these and always make sure I have a back up. I always using this as my primer for my make up, if I feel I nee so moisture then I will mix in some of my Nivea hydrating primer. This claims to minimise pore, smooth the skin, prime and mattify the skin.
Now I am sure there are better products out there that do this but I feel better using tea tree as I have problematic skin. I will say that it does smooth, prime and mattify but I will need to top up on powder in the afternoon which I am okay with. However I can't say I notice a different to my pores but really that's not the reason I use it for.
The body shop tea tree pore minimiser - RRP £7.50 Link

One of the biggest drugstore launches this year has got to be the brand makeup revolution. I don't have a lot of their products as I have more boots then superdrugs near me but I will differently be trying out more, hopefully before the year is out so look out for a haul!!
I am a neutral girl and always go for brown, taupe and gold so this palette is perfect and the quality is fantastic. The price range is the same as MUA however I feel that this brand blows them out the water. This also makes a fantastic dupes for the naked 2 palette by urban decay; they also carry dupes for the other naked palettes.
Makeup Revolution palette in iconic 2 - RRP £4.00 Link
I feel like I am constantly looking for a decent drugstore foundation for my oily skin, this however I feel seems to be one of the best I have tried so far (there are plenty I haven't tried yet).  
This claims to leave your skin with a glow which I think it does but it is subtle, because I have quite oily skin I like to try and stay as matte as I can to start with so I always powder over the top. I find this is easy to blend in. This has SPF 18 which is great for everyday use but not for taking pictures as you may look a bit like casper!!
I prefer it to the lasting finish foundation (red lid). I have these both in 100 ivory but the lasting finish one is much darker, therefore be warned you may not be the same shade in one brand.
Rimmel match perfection in 100 ivory - RRP £6.99 Link
Body Care
Only one body care product wowed me this year and I love it. I discovered this towards the end of summer and I wished I had found it sooner. Being a lotion with oils infused in it, it left my skin looking healthy and glowly and moisturised. It has 4 oils in there which are argon, macadamia, almond and rose. This smells lovely you can smell the rose but it is not overpowering (I don't like rose scented things).
This claims to be non greasy or sticky and I completely agree with this and it soaks into the skin quickly too. A bonus for this is that it has a pump so less mess and more convenient.
Garnier oil beauty lotion - RRP £4.99 Link

Skin Care

I'm not a huge fan of toner as I can find it to be an added step in my skin care that I don't have to do. But this is lovely, you don't need any cotton wool just spray wait a minute to absorb and you feel fresh and re-awaken. I like to use this after cleansing my face, when I feel really hot and after a deep cleansing mask, this is meant to tighten your pores. 

This has a pleasant rose smell thanks to the rose water and comes out in a fine mist so it covers your face evenly, and doesn't just squirt you with water.
Botanics rosewater toning spray - RRP £5.99 Link

This stuff is amazing!!!!
I already have a back up of it and I'm only a third of the way through. This receives a lot of hype and I agree it should because at such an affordable price you get quality that comes from a more 'high end' micellar water.
I have done a review for this if you would like some more information - Review here
Garnier micellar cleansing water - RRP £4.99 Link

I think these are great for the price and I can get 2-3 uses out of one sachet. I have a few varieties of these and love the deep cleansing ones my skins always feels so smooth, soft and clear afterwards.
There are many to choose from depending on your skin type and are on offer regularly.

I have done a review on this product if you would like some more information - Review here

Superdrug face masks - RRP 99p Link

When I first tried this I wasn't that impressed with it, I thought it had been hyped up too much, however I have gone back to it this winter and use it every night and I must say this does make my lips feel smooth and does protect them over night. I often used to wake up to dry, cracked blooded lips but I haven't since using this.

I have done a review shorty after I got this but to be fair my opinion has changed as you can tell but here is the link if you still fancy a read - Review here

So there we go some of my favourites for 2014.....what have been some of yours?

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