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Sorry about the washed out picture the weather has been awful here in the South-West of England.

First off I start by scrapping my hair back and get a little of the body shop's cleansing balm, this is a white solid balm that turns into an oil that I rub into the whole of my face including my eyes which I have no problem with. An oil cleanser will break down the dirt, makeup and oil on your face in a gentle way. I then get a muslin cloth or flannel put it in hand hot water and hold it to m face a few times before buffing it off in circular motions and finally pat dry with a towel.

If you are like me and think that you can't use this because of oily skin YOU CAN!!! I have oily skin and I have read so many times that oil will work with oil and trick your skin into thinking it doesn't need to produce as much.

Next I apply a thin layer of hydraluron. This is used before moisturiser to increase the amount of moisture your skin absorbs. Even with oily skin it is still important to moisturise your skin.

After I would use the body shop's vitamin E oil and serum. This is a thin consistency and you don't need a lot but I find this makes my skin so soft and plump.

The final two steps are eye cream and a thin layer of night cream as they tend to be thicker creams than day ones. I recently ran out of both so picked up the Simple kind to eyes and kind to skin night cream as they were on offer at Asda. They are pretty basic but do the job. I know that now I am 25 I need to start looking into anti age (nothing too strong) but I am happy to wait a little longer.

What products do you like to use in your skincare routine?

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