February Empties


Hello again so here are the products I have used up recently....more than I thought!!

Rimmel lasting finish foundation in 100 ivory
I cheated here as I haven't actually finished this but I am close. I wore this last week as saw that it had oxidised a lot and was way to dark for me. Although this is an ok foundation I much prefer the other popular rimmel foundation match perfect. I never and would never need to wear foundation for 25 hours so I can't comment but on those 8 hour days it seemed ok as long as you set it and top up in the afternoon.
First impression review

NYC expert last nail polish in classy-glassy
I got this for a base coat and have already started my back up bottle. It does the job and is nice and cheap!
I will say that this got gloopy really quickly and I could only use it 2 more times after thinning it with nail polish remover which is annoying.

Collection illuminating touch concealer in glow 3
I'm not keen on this, for a start it is too dark for me and I didn't like the coverage or look it gave to my under eyes. I liked the fact that you have to twist the top to get the product out which saves wasting it and not using too much. The brush is ok but not very hygienic but it's only me that is using it so I guess it's ok. I think I will stay with my lasting perfection concealer.

La roche-posay hydreane legere moisturising cream for sensitive skin
I love this brand and have tried a few products from them now. When I brought this I didn't realise I had picked up the one for sensitive skin which I don't have but I don't think it made that much of a difference. This can be used in the morning, evening and as a makeup base  (I never used it under makeup). I used this in the mornings and recently of an evening as I have run out of my night cream....any good drugstore night creams I should try? This is a basic moisturiser that won't do miracles to your skin but I think it would be good at calming skin down if your skin has gone a little crazy. This cream has a beautiful pleasant fresh scent that makes me feel nice and clean.

No7 protect & perfect intense hand cream
I got this in a Christmas gift set last year and found it to be ok but nothing to write home about, I will always go back to the body shop hand creams.

Burt's bees ultra conditioning lip balm
I absolutely loved this, it made my lips feel so moisturised and soft. I found when putting this on it had an oily feel to it that made my lips feel slippy but in a good way. I have a few other Burt's bees lip balms but this is differently my favourite. This has kokum butter in it which gives it a slight fruity scent to it.

Urban fudge iced raspberry and vanilla hairspray
Have you smelt this? If not go....go now.....amazing right?
Ok it's not all about the smell it is a great product too. This does not leave my hair crispy and I find it easy to brush out if you don't over do it.
It claims to be anti-frizz which I think it is I have never had a problem with my hair when using this and will go back to it when I finish my current hairspray.

Dove intensive repair conditioner
I have tried lots of Dove hair care and I think it's nice and a great price which is often on offer. This has a sweet scent to it that will stay in your hair for the rest of the day (typical dove hair care smell). This is a thin conditioner that left my hair feeling soft and smooth and not weighed down which is a bonus as this can happen to me often.

Palmolive milk and honey shower gel
I have been using this since I was young along with the bath soak so this scent always makes me think of having a bath before bed when I was little. This lathes up quite a bit for me and the scent lingers on my skin for a few hours after which is lovely. This is not that expensive at only a few pounds but is often on a deal or sale. I will always go back to this in the colder months.

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