How to get kissable lips for Valentines Day

Hello again,

With February 14th no far away I thought I would do a quick post on how I keep my lips soft and smooth.

First off I will use my Lush Santa's lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin I may have from the cold weather making them so dry. This is perfect as it does the job without being too harsh, smells amazing and tastes good (if you choose to lick it off).

Next it's time to take care of that new layer of skin and I like to put on a really moisturising lip balm that is not too thick.
These first two steps I would do at the beginning of my makeup routine so the lip balm as time to sink in.

Finally pull out that favourite lippy!! I would go with a statement red lip (probably not the one featured here but I couldn't find it).
If you know you will be eating and drinking and worried about the staying power of your lip product apply a coat, blot, dust on some translucent power and apply another layer. Alternatively you can always pop it into your bag for touch ups on the go.
What are your plans for valentines? I think I'm going to have a movie night :)
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