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Welcome back guys!!

So whilst I have been on my little break I have been thinking of changing my hair, however this won't be straight away I will differently be keeping my long locks for my wedding in August (exciting!!).

When I get a little time to myself I have been checking in with my favourite blogs and of course this includes the lovely Kirstie at A Yellow Brick Blog. Kirstie recently done a simpler post and I really liked the idea and thought what great timing I would like to share what hair I am loving at the moment.

I have not had short, short hair since 2008 and will not liking go for another bob as I feel more comfortable with longer hair.

I tried to find a picture that shows my hair but this is as good as I could get that didn't have other people in (I don't have their permission and I respect their privacy).
Current my hair comes to just past my boobs and has long layers in it.

Full fringe

Full fringe, short layers/ choppy

Side fringe

Once I started researching different hairstyles I found a few shorter shoulder length ones I quite liked and thought maybe this will be low maintenance ads I don't have time to style and care for long hair (let alone wash it haha).

I love the look of wavy messy hair on shoulder length styles.

What hairstyles do you love? Are you thinking of revamping your look for the summer?

Thank you for reading :)

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