Beauty things I suck at!!

Hi everyone

I have done a simpler post before but I talk about different things that are beauty related, looking back on it know I have stopped doing some of them!! GO ME. You can read it here.

First off....eye liner...
Either one eye will go perfect and the other one will look like I used a jumbo pen; or the line will be wonky or have gaps where I have creases. It drives me crazy especially if I have had a good make up day (with everything else) and I have to redo my eye look, and of course if you try to fix it as carefully as possible it gets worse...SO MUCH WORSE that you spend the next 10 minutes crying questioning why you even bothered and the girls on printrest have magical powers.

Next contour
This is my adding a dirty muddy blob across my face and convincing myself I have amazing cheek bones. No Kelsey you don't know go and wash it off and put the contour palette away.

Fake eye lashes
Have you tried to put them on when you wear glasses...pointless. I find fake eye lashes are too long and hit my glasses which is so annoying and if I trim them they don't really do there job do they? But to be honest getting them on is too fussy for me to start with, therefore I don't mind 'sucking' at this.

Finally smokey eyes
To be fair I have been practicing this a lot at the moment because I love the look, and have finally mastered the art of blending so it won't be long hopefully. You would of thought by 25 I would of got this down.

Thank you for reading :)

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